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Experience MORE joy, flow, success, ease & LESS brain fog, aches, pains, depression, relationship struggles  no matter what’s going on in your life.  Without you “doing” a thing!

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Only $0.82 a Day!
($299 paid annually)

Over 800+ happy members & counting!!


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From The Desk of Eram Saeed:

Deep in the aftermath of my second divorce, my life was literally in shambles.

My business (commercial brokerage) of 15 years went belly up – because it was 2009 and all the banks were shutting down.

I was dealing with 4 different lawsuits, including my divorce and custody case.

And on top of that, I had no income. Which led me to filing bankruptcy.

It was A LOT.

Which is why someone in my life sent me an email…

It was a link to an energy healing telesummit. 

At that point… what did I have to lose?

(Answer: Nothing.)

So, I decided to give it a listen.

And what I was hearing…

It spoke to my soul.

Four to five hours EVERY DAY, I kept listening to these energy healing telesummits.

It was the only thing keeping me going.

My interest in and passion for energy healing grew and grew as it was literally saving me from the worst moments of my life.

So I started interviewing every energy healer that would speak to me. Which led to relationships with some of the top professionals in the world!

Then, years later, I got a call from my daughter
that no mother ever wants to get…

At this point, Natasha was a young teenager.

And I was 1,400 miles away from home.

She could barely breathe.

But I heard her say that she was in the E.R.

Her pain was excruciating and she didn’t know what was wrong.

Natasha explained, minutes earlier, she was bending over the bathtub…

And it felt like a bolt of lightning charged up from her gut all the way to her head.

She collapsed on the floor…

And that’s when she called my best friend to take her to the hospital.

Now, after several rounds of tests and a double dose of morphine, my daughter was still crying out in pain.

I couldn’t hold her hand.

I couldn’t be by her side.

I couldn’t look her in the eye and tell her everything was going to be okay.

That she’s safe and not alone.

But there was one thing I could do.

I called an energy healer that I trusted.

You see, after interviewing dozens and dozens of healing professionals, I started to recognize which ones consistently got the best results.

Virginia was the perfect person to help my daughter. 

Not only was she trained in frequency matching, she had also trained as a registered nurse.

Her exact words… “Tell your daughter to expect a call from me as soon as possible.”

We learned that Natasha had suffered a ruptured cyst on her ovary.

Which felt like a grenade had gone off in her belly and the shrapnel had spread everywhere.

In spite of the double dose of morphine, her pain was still a 10/10.

Then, Virginia calls.

Within minutes, her pain was gone.

The doctors and nurses were picking their jaws up off the floor.

Watching her with total shock of what just happened.

And my daughter was recovering at home (plus, back in school) the very next day.

This changed me.

I had a new mission in life.

I needed to get the best of the best energy healing into the lives of as many parents, kids, and families as possible. 

I ended up traveling the globe. Spending thousands and thousands of dollars. Researching and interviewing even more practitioners to find those who ACTUALLY facilitate miraculous results for their patients. 

The result of all this work over many, many, many years…

Is the Bliss Up Membership.

Where you can get DAILY remote energy healing from the best professionals in the world.

For a tiny FRACTION of what it would cost to work with them (or anyone) individually.

(Saving you THOUSANDS of dollars!)

Whether you’re struggling with your relationships, wealth / finances, energy, or mood like I was in 2009.

Or facing health complications that could use some support BEYOND traditional Western medicine…

I created Bliss Up for you to access the healing you need, at the most affordable rate possible.

And right now, the doors are open to you…

But only for a short amount of time. (The price is going up soon.) 

So, keep reading, and make sure to join today.

I can’t wait to welcome you inside!

Eram Saeed

What Even is "Remote Energy Healing"?
Does That Really Work?

Witnessing my daughter’s excruciating pain disappear almost instantly while on the phone with an energy healer gave me all the proof I need…

You don’t need to be in the same physical space as a healing professional to experience the energy shift.

But I understand that not everyone has seen, felt, and EXPERIENCED a moment like that to understand how it works. So, allow me to explain it this way:

Your current reality contains blocks from the things you want.

Time, space, subconscious programming, fatigue, fear, insufficient funding, your physical body, and so much more.

Making it seem impossible to experience the joy, health, wealth, love, fulfillment you’ve been searching for.

But, Master Energy Healers are able to open up their state of consciousness & connect to a field of energy where these limitations don’t exist.

That energy isn’t confined by time or space or the reality you experience in your daily lives.

After they connect to this source, divine, universal energy… they can focus on sending it to you.

Across time and space – because those things don’t exist when they’re plugged in – they send you the healing you need.

(They have the names of our Bliss Up members. We update our healers every time a new member joins. And they are the best in the world at sending healing energy to people who aren’t physically anywhere near them. You don’t have to “do” a thing!)

If You Can Relate To ANY Of These Statements... I Made Bliss Up Specifically To Help YOU Heal - Finally!

  • There’s SOMETHING in your life that you wish you could change. (Physical, emotional, relational, financial, or something else.)
  • Maybe you wake up with aches & pains that limit what activities & experiences you say “yes” to throughout the day.
  • Perhaps you feel like you exist between waves of anxiety & depression and wonder what life would be like if you just felt peace.
  • Or your relationship with your spouse is full of tension. You feel like you heat up with resentment when they start talking to you, or when you see dirty dishes in the sink… AGAIN. But you’d rather feel love, connection, joy.
  • Maybe you make enough money to get by and live a good life, but you wonder what it would be like to make MORE than enough. To have an over-abundance of wealth that it’s simply never a concern.
  • You’ve TRIED the “traditional” remedies that “should” solve your issue. (Western medicine, therapy, prescriptions, working harder, melatonin, breathwork, supplements, and probably a whole lot more.)
  • After that, you’re still left searching for something… deeper. Faster. Longer lasting. More effective. Easier. With no consequences or side effects.
  • And you DON’T have an extra thousands of thousands of dollars to shell out on making this change – considering what you’ve probably already spent on it so far.

If You’re Nodding Along Thinking, “Yep, That’s Me!”...

Bliss Up Will Help You…

HEAL from challenges you may have been told were “un-heal-able.”

(Pains, aches, imbalances, mood disorders, infections, insomnia, past injuries, cravings, and more.)

Notice a distinct SHIFT in whatever you’re feeling BLOCKED by right now… FAST.

(Communication with that one person suddenly feels easier. Your right knee isn’t stiff when you wake up. You get an unexpected check in the mail, or a promotion, or a new client!)

Feel CONNECTED to the life you’ve always wanted to live.

(Your anxiety goes down, WAY down. You tap into joy more easily. Your fears seem to dissipate. “Problems” come and go, but you feel grounded & safe through them all.)

Experience that “PINCH ME” moment when you realize the things you’ve wanted for decades are actually becoming reality.

(Living abundantly as you travel the world. Retiring with a gorgeous cabin by the lake. Finding meaning and purpose that fulfills you. Fearlessly making your bucket list dreams happen.)

Join Us in Bliss Up Today!


Only $0.82 a Day

($299 paid annually)

… for daily Master Level energy healing that will improve your  mood, physical health, mental clarity, relationships,  wealth, sleep, and so much more!

Price is going up by $700 in


You missed out!


*Joining Now Is the ONLY Way to Guarantee You’ll Be Grandfathered In to the Best Deal You Will EVER See for Bliss Up.

What our customers are saying:

I wasn't expecting direct help to improve as an education specialist!

I found that the social sharing on the Bliss Up App is similar to the Facebook community. What I liked was the healing transmissions from the 4 healers: Virginia, Marlene, Dawn Crystal and Grace, they posted little notes and comments and it felt cozy.

It was evident in a couple of cases that what I experienced on my day was connected to the healing being sent. I write curriculum for elementary grades and have been struggling to create assessment items. Then one day I just sat to work and was able to complete almost 2 weeks of work on a single day!

That night I checked the app and saw a message from Marlene saying that it felt like the group needed healing for the brain. So I knew that my breakthrough was a result of the healing transmission.

I wasn't expecting direct help to improve as an education specialist!

I would recommend Bliss Up!


I enjoyed the remote healing and the app is more private and easier to talk about things with the community and healers!

I enjoyed the remote healings inside of the Bliss Up App. I was familiar with all the healers and have worked with them before. I especially enjoyed the group session with Virginia. I missed the beginning of her remote healing because I joined only on the last day of her healing.

I did notice my energy being worked on by all the healers, but felt Virginia's group healing call the most. She has such an incredible presence and I always feel much more calm after working with her.

I also liked reading about the different topics on the app and the opportunity to communicate with the healers and other members. If there are more members, I assume there will be more to discuss. It is also a good idea for the healers to be able to follow the discussions and comment back.

Yes, I would recommend this app for others. It feels like a more private environment compared to more mainstream social media, so imagine this may make it easier for some to talk about things. And the smaller member size is an advantage compared to bigger platforms.

I also liked the overall layout and found it pretty easy to navigate. There is enough content to make it interesting without having an overwhelming amount of information. I hope there will be other healing programs offered as well.

Thank you for the opportunity to try it out.


I felt like all the healing energy in the app had my back!

I really enjoyed Bliss Up. I was struggling still with abundance issues and old energies resurfacing in my life. I was feeling unsupported and alone heading into holiday season, so I was thrilled to try out the Bliss app. I loved Eram and all the healers, so I knew it would be a gift for me and it was.

I found the app easy to navigate. I loved that I was receiving remote healing the entire time from healers I adore. I could really feel the supportive energies.

I loved getting notifications which would remind me to check in and see what was happening on the app so I could feel all the love and support that was there for me. I felt like all the healing energy in the app had my back.

Everyone was so welcoming, and positive, admin and healers and members. There is a sense of belonging and encouragement.

I loved all the audios in the healing library and just intuitively picked what I needed on any given day to help with what I was experiencing in the moment.

I liked the idea of being cheered for my comments - so much more encouraging than a 'like' for some reason.

All I know is I felt like I was being held in a container of love and support which helped me stay more centered in faith and trust.

I had lost most of my private clients and was back in my old pattern of scarcity and struggle -but during my time with the Bliss app I was able to find the perfect new job for me with a terrific employer who is a true kindred spirit.

It is perfect hours and pay and she and my clients truly appreciate my gifts. It feels amazing and saved my Xmas because I literally had nothing left in my bank account and wouldn't have been able to even provide gifts for my kids!

My boss has advanced my pay and bought me wonderful gifts and gave me a Xmas bonus - I have only been working with her for 2 weeks! I know all the healing I received with the Bliss app helped me change my energy and allowed me to experience amazing results and fast!

Being on the Bliss app has been a true gift and a very positive and uplifting experience for me and I would highly recommend it. Much love and gratitude!!


It was very helpful that the healers said something about the healing they were sending to be able to connect more deeply and receive!

I was attracted to the remote healing inside of the Bliss Up App. The remote healing has been intense and I think very helpful

It supported me daily on my healing, from the very beginning. I could feel the energy of the remote healings releasing a lot of repressed emotions. First they came up to the surface and could become aware of them and days later the releasing started. It was quite a roller coaster for me, I have to say, also at night I have been clearing a lot through dreams and being awake also, but I feel much better now and much clearer and I am very thankful for this amazing present that I have received from you and all 4 amazing healers!

For me it was very helpful that the healers said something about the healing they were sending to be able to connect more deeply and receive.

I would recommend the Bliss Up app for sure


Everything was simple to use and the healing audios and remote healing were very, very helpful!

Bliss Up was easy to use and navigate and comment on. Everything was very simple. 

While I have an IT background in IT support, I spend a lot of time helping people with navigating websites, so I'm familiar with difficult websites that can be confusing for people that aren't that used to websites and not comfortable with computers. This was easy to use and simple and perfect.

The remote healing was helpful to handle my panic on being put on leave without pay.  24 years with the Bank of Canada doing IT support, working 24/7 on call and hours throughout covid, it was a shock to the system and betrayal to have my request for accommodation denied and put on leave without pay. 

Given that isn't legal in Canada it was all a rush of emotions so when I say that the remote healing was helpful and the audios, I mean it was VERY VERY helpful. Words can't express how that helped and is still helping with all the energies that are coming up.  

I have moved into gratitude that all of this is serving in the highest. I am job hunting and creating my website for my own coaching business. 

I think the insight that really came was the gratitude finally that what happened from work is serving in the highest even if I can't see it right yet. It shifted from tears and upset to moving into action and holding faith that the next steps will show up.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Bliss Up to others!!!!!!!

I love what you have created and continue to create in this world. It is an honor to be part of this FHTJ community.  

Over the years the audios I bought are used over and over again as things come up in my life, and that your shows gave me back my power. Knowing I have the power to heal and manage my life and each year that I grow with FHTJ has been amazing.

I look back to the days when Eram first started and all the help I received from those calls to where I am today and I know that Eram and FHTJ has a lot to do with how far I have come.

Thank you soooo much for everything you do and continue to do.


I highly recommend the Bliss Up App to others!

I love to work with all the backstage pass by FHTJ and I am so Lucky to be chosen for this great opportunity with 4 top healers…

At this moment things are going on Harmonized well with others and strengthened my foundation.

Healing was done for me with lots of confidence and balance, feeling better FHTJ is caring and supportive and getting new ideas.

At the start of the remote healing I felt sadness coming up and cried.. released felt at peace around me. Throat dried, tired thirsty drank a lot of water at a stage.. so far so good ..

It was Amazing the Change from before and afterwards was remarkable..healers help me relax and my physical health has started to energize and have been healing well..

I highly recommend Bliss Up app to others...Thank you for having me experiencing extraordinary accomplishment.. Love and Light.


The healing audios in the Bliss Up app helped me with my scarcity mindset and covid!

Thank you for the opportunity to use the Bliss Up app. From listening to your calls I have become very interested in healing modalities as I have watched my mum suffer all her life and I want to stay fit and well in my later years.

The four remote healers were ones that I liked 2 I have worked with and two I’d like too work with. Nothing was too much to ask and they all added a little bonus healing.

The audios on the app were really good and I just wanted to return to them daily. They definitely helped me with my scarcity mindset and with coviid.

The topic page was very useful too. I would definitely recommend this app. Thank you


No short of a Miracle, cleared Under Active Thyroid in just 2 days.

I write this testimonial with great joy. My daughter was recently diagnosed with under active Thyroid, the doctors asked for some more detailed tests to be done. The very same day i spoke with Virginia and expressed my concerns, Virginia was extremely kind and did a remote healing on my daughter immediately. The next day i got the recommended tests done for her and today i got the results back and amazingly its showing no sign of under active thyroid. This is no short of a miracle, just in two days of my telling Virginia and her doing the remote session on my daughter, she is cleared. I can’t express enough gratitude, this surely is a miracle.

If you are still apprehensive I’m attaching doctor’s note from before and after.


Good Morning, Your thyroid is looking like it is beginning to be underactive. To properly assess I would recommend a functioning thyroid hormone level.

Thank you

Dr. Cynthia Blair, MD., CCFP


Dr Blair would like me to advise you that the thyroid blood test you had done is normal.

Thank you,


per: Dr. Cynthia Blair, MD., CCFP.

Thank you Virginia for your miraculous healing work. I’m one happy mummy today :)


First time in 7 years my practitioner said I was getting better

My hopes are that things continue to move this well, I have had some pain from lymph drainage of a very overburdened system but well worth it! 

Yesterday I saw my nurse practitioner/lightworker/herbalist and for the first time in 7 years she said I was getting better!


The cysts on my liver were gone. Amazing!!

After years of suffering and huge doses of painkillers, I was now pain free at last, what a miracle!!!

I then asked Virginia to have a look at my liver. I also had cysts on my liver. The cysts were diagnosed with an MRI of my liver. After two healing sessions with Virginia the cysts on my liver were gone. Amazing!!

Virginia is a very professional and experienced healer. I looked forward to our sessions together and found them very beneficial


Here's What You Get When You Join
Eram Saeed's Bliss Up Membership Today...

#1. DAILY Remote Healing From a Master Energy Healer

There are 4 Master Healers inside of Bliss Up. These are NOT just any old healers.

Every year, we spend THOUSANDS of hours researching and testing our healers to make sure we’re giving you access to the best in the world.

Healers who have a proven track record of facilitating incredible shifts in their client’s lives.

Each month, ONE of the healers we retained from all over the world is with you every single day.

Whether you log in to the members portal, or not, they’ll be opening up their state of consciousness to a field of energy that exists beyond time and space…

And sending you the healing energy you need.

(If you were to hire these Master Healers privately, you’d have to pay THOUSANDS per month to experience their work every day. By joining Bliss Up, you can receive DAILY energy healing from these outstanding professionals, for a tiny fraction of the cost.)

#2: Monthly LIVE Group Healing Call

These calls are your opportunity to ask one of our Master Healers your questions directly.

You’ll also be able to receive mini scans by our healers to figure out exactly what is causing your issue - whether that be money blocks, success blocks, health blocks - AND healings to fix these issues (or any topic of your choosing.)

Access to these healers would normally cost a premium. But these monthly calls are INCLUDED in your Bliss Up membership.

#3: Personal Requests For Specific Healing

When you want SPECIFIC energy healing around an upcoming presentation that you’re hoping will result in a pay increase…

Or you’re recovering from an injury on your left shoulder and want healing sent there…

Or there’s a certain relationship in your life that’s creating heartbreak…

You can submit your REQUEST for exactly what you’d like energy healing on.

This is one of our members FAVORITE features because their SPECIFIC concerns get addressed by our Master Healers. Without having to pay for a private session. I KNOW you’ll love this, too!

#4: Community of People Just Like You

People like you and I, we don’t often meet “our kind” in line at Starbucks. It feels so GOOD to engage with, collaborate with, and connect with people who GET exactly what’s meaningful and important to you.

This group gives you the opportunity to do just that. It is a safe space of kindred souls who are all supporting each other’s healing journey.

BONUS #1: The Complete Bliss Up Energy Healing Library

Without exaggeration, having access to a library of Energy Healing audio recordings like this saved my life.

At my worst, I would listen to audio recordings 4-5 hours a day. 

While I was driving, doing the dishes, cooking dinner, taking a shower… anything.

And it’s what kept me going during the tough times and allowed WONDERFUL times to follow.

It’s what helped me heal. 

Which is why, when you join Bliss Up, you’re getting access to a whole LIBRARY of Energy Healing Audios.

BONUS #2: Exclusive Pricing on Private Energy Healing Sessions

To be clear, private sessions are NOT required in order to experience daily healing.

However, some of our members REALLY want to go deeper. Which is why we give them exclusive access to private sessions for prices that will NEVER be made available to the general public.

This is for Bliss Up members only!

BONUS #3: 10% OFF on most “From Heartache To Joy” Energy Healing Programs

This is the icing on the cake!

As a member of Bliss Up you will receive an exclusive members only discount on ALL of our energy healing programs we offer with our Master Energy Healers.

That way, if there is a specific healing program that speaks to your soul, and you choose to dive even deeper down the path of energy healing with our Master Healers, you’ll get the BEST PRICE!

Join Us in Bliss Up Today!


Only $0.82 a Day
($299 paid annually)

… for daily Master Level energy healing that will improve your  mood, physical health, mental clarity, relationships, wealth, sleep, and so much more!

Price is going up by $700 in


You missed out!


*Joining Now Is the ONLY Way to Guarantee You’ll Be Grandfathered In to the Best Deal You Will EVER See for Bliss Up.

Meet Your Primary Bliss Up Healers


If you read my story at the top of this page, you should know that the healer who took my daughter’s pain after a cyst on her ovary had ruptured from a 10/10 – even after a double dose of morphine – down to zero in minutes…

That was Virginia.

She is world class. And we are VERY fortunate to have her as one of our Master Healers inside of Bliss Up.

The list of certifications behind her name are too long to mention on this page. 

And she has been doing this work & changing lives for over 20 YEARS, working with THOUSANDS of clients around the world. 

Virginia believes that infinite possibilities are your birthright. Which is exactly what she’ll allow you to experience inside of Bliss Up.


Grace Geokyin Hom, Medical Intuitive & Light Body Whisperer, is internationally respected for her energy healing work.

While she’s always been interested in exploring human potential, it was through her own struggles with an autoimmune disorder and depression that she learned to access her own magic with energy alchemy. 

Her Spirit Guides showed her how to re-imprint high vibrational states into timelines beginning with the first 40 weeks in-utero development.

Meaning, she has the ability to heal any part of you that needs healing, across time and space, all the way back to before you were born.


Dawn Kryztal is internationally recognized as a Voice Sound Healer, A direct Channel to God the Creator, Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Life Coach, Soul Reader, Pain Release Expert, AND the Best-Selling author of 6 books.

She’s specifically brilliant at helping people clear emotional & physical blockages so they can manifest from their higher selves, step into their full potential, and lead their lives in ways that align with their souls’ purpose.

On top of that, Dawn is also the GO TO “get out of pain fast” experts for many celebrities, entrepreneurs, and CEOs. 

Because of her life-changing ability to heal unknown illnesses that no medical treatment could cure, she’s appeared on the Today Show, Dr. Oz, Rachel Ray, The View, and more!

(trained under THE LATE Marlene Allen)

Kari Alajoki has a profound ability to intuitively connect with others – even when they’ve never met.

Which is why she has clients from AROUND THE WORLD wanting to receive remote energy healing from her.

Our members' area is FULL of comments from Bliss Up members asking, “How did Kari know exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it?”

Even though they’ve never met. Or spoken.

The answer: That’s how powerful her intuition is.

I Can Tell You Right Now…

Bliss Up Is The Most AFFORDABLE Way To Access
Daily Energy Healing From Master-Level Professionals

In fact, joining Bliss Up will save you THOUSANDS over hiring Master Healers to work with you privately.

(Even if you could hire one. Some of the really excellent healers are usually booked for quite some time in advance.)

Beyond that, I want you to think about this.

That relationship in your life that’s feeling strained? 

(Maybe your daughter hasn’t spoken to you in months, or years.)

What would it be WORTH to have her back in your life again?

That back pain that you wake up with every morning?

(The one that keeps you from getting out of bed some days. Which means you have to call in sick to work and miss out on pay.)

What would it be WORTH to have it gone?

That brain fog that hits every time you sit down to do your work in front of the computer?

(That makes tasks take SO MUCH longer than they need to.)

What would it be WORTH to experience mental clarity all day long instead?

On top of healing the challenges you’re experiencing now…

What would it be WORTH to start living out your lifelong dreams?

To tap into joy, fulfillment, love, creativity, even a full night’s rest…

To start to travel because money is abundant and overflowing…

To naturally experience weight loss because you simply crave less sugar, salt, & fried foods.

What would THAT be worth to you?

I’m willing to bet it’s WAY more than $37.

Join Us in Bliss Up Today!


Only $0.82 a Day
($299 paid annually)

… for daily Master Level energy healing that will improve your  mood, physical health, mental clarity, relationships, wealth, sleep, and so much more!

Price is going up by $700 in


You missed out!


*Joining Now Is the ONLY Way to Guarantee You’ll Be Grandfathered In to the Best Deal You Will EVER See for Bliss Up.

Join Over 800 Happy Members

I feel younger, and have noticed a big improvement in bladder function.

My hopes are that things continue to move this well, I have had some pain from lymph drainage of a very overburdened system but well worth it! 

Yesterday I saw my nurse practitioner/lightworker/herbalist and for the first time in 7 years she said I was getting better!

JEanne m.

I have a clearer mind with less stress and have had the best sleep at night since!!!

Marlene upgraded my master cell of my glands which supports several hormones in my body. I have a clearer mind with less stress and have had the best sleep at night since!!! This is all controlled by hormones controlled by the glands. I highly recommend Marlene! Thank you again!


Extreme Reduction of Pain and Swelling

I had inflamed, painful gum around back tooth on lower left jaw and inflamed gum in upper back teeth/left side of jaw. During the session, I felt an extreme reduction of pain and swelling. The severity of issues went from a 10-4. There’s been a continued reduction in pain and inflammation and I am feeling lifted, joyful and more connected.  

Grace has a unique and joyful approach to healing. Her work goes deep into the underlying causes of energetic imbalances or dis-ease. She is extremely versatile and continues to add varying techniques to her sessions such as gazing and light language. Grace's work is nothing short of awesome!

Carolyn, Dublin, Ireland

Healing of thyroid, pancreas, candida and other physical issues

I have said that for as long as I have a penny to my name, I will continue healing sessions with Grace. I call her “The Healer of Healers.” I am 74 years old and have worked with many gifted lightworkers over the last 40 years. Since working with Grace, I have experienced profound and rapid changes in all aspects of my life. Most profound in this recent time has been the healing of thyroid, pancreas, candida and other physical issues. Emotional underpinnings were removed instantaneously.

Currently, I also work closely with a licensed holistic chiropractor who checks my nutrition requirements monthly. I was taking eleven different supplements and after one session with Grace, I no longer needed six of them and the dosage was cut in half for the remaining five! Most issues with my thyroid have completely cleared. In relation to my pancreas, I no longer have any cravings for sugar or sweets of any kind. I also experienced an instantaneous clearing of candida from my body along with many insights about the origin of this condition. On the same day following the session with Grace, I had an appointment with my chiropractor who tested for candida and found no indications of candida remaining in my body. I am so grateful to Grace for her miraculous work. She is such a gentle, loving, and compassionate healer.

Renee E. of Denver

Arm Pain Gone and Mobile Again

I had experienced a great healing session with Grace. She is an awesome Being and Healer and contributes to deep healing. My right upper arm was in tremendous pain, it was not mobile. After just a few minutes with Grace’s hand on my arm, I fell into a calm and peace and the healing began. The next day, my arm pain was gone and my arm was mobile again.

I will definitely be back and know she is in my life for a long time.

Sonia P. || Spectrum Energy Healer, Spiritual Alchemy Intuitive Coaching, Teacher and Facilitator

I am off my antidepressants!

Dawn Crystal is a beautiful soul , humble and dedicated to her gifts she brings to the world.

When I first came across her work, she appeared too magical for me, like she was promising more than what was possible. But after working with her and her mp3's for about 6 months now- I can tell you I am off my antidepressants ( which has been a 20 year battle) and I am feeling better everyday. I am looking forward to creating a bright life and I did not think that was possible.

I would say if your soul led you to Dawn, its time to get healed.


My aches and pains have subsided with Dawn’s remote healing work!

I have invested in both the 21 and 30 daily remote healing with Dawn Crystal and have received great benefits both times.

My aches and pains have subsided and my energy feels lighter. I am more flexible. And an issue that I have had with my left knee for decades has improved so much that I now exercise with very little, if any, pain.

I am so grateful for how much better I feel and wish Dawn Crystal offered her remote healing more frequently, particularly in the winter months. Letting Spirit heal us is a far better alternative than taking lots of medication. Peace and good health.


I Was Able To Clear & Shift Stagnant Energy That Was Hindering Certain Areas Of My Life For OVER 10 Years!!!

Dawn Crystal's healing energy is amazing!

She helped me clear and shift blocked energy that kept me stagnated in certain areas of my life for more than 10-years. In less than 2 months of working with Dawn Crystal, my life was transformed with ease and grace! Dawn is a gifted healer. Step into her world and prepare for your transformation.


Got Questions? Let Me Answer Those for You…

What is this whole energy healing thing? Is it witchcraft / religion / something else?

Nope! Energy healing is an ancient & holistic practice where healers channel universal life force and send it to you across time and space.

This helps YOU connect to your own inner universal life force where healing is possible.

(Healing from aches & pains, emotional issues, financial roadblocks, relational tension, and so much more.)

How long do I have to be inside Bliss Up to feel a shift in my energy?

That truly is different for every person. And what we’ve noticed is that it depends on the openness & receptiveness of the member.

Some of our members experience a shift in the first few days. While for others, it takes a few weeks.

Either way, you’ll have access to the healers on our LIVE group healing calls, to ask questions about what you’re feeling & how to support your own healing.

What are the limitations of energy healing? What can it NOT do?

This is a great conversation to have.

Because I know that the way some people speak about energy healing having no limits creates more skeptics about it. (Promising more than they can truly deliver.)

Which is why I have no problem telling you that there are, of course, limits.

Energy healing cannot bring someone back from the dead.

It cannot take away someone’s agency or free will.

It cannot curse someone you don’t like—or give them bad luck.

This isn’t about any of those things anyway.

It’s about YOU experiencing a SHIFT in your energy that allows you to live, move, and experience things the way you’ve always wanted.

Will this teach me to become a healer & start my own business seeing clients?

I’m glad you asked. The answer is no.

The Bliss Up membership is about YOU accessing the energy healing you need to make shifts in YOUR life.

We won’t be teaching business-building principles inside. 

However, financial abundance IS something you can ask for healing on as a member.

Who are the energy healers inside Bliss Up? How can I trust them?

Every year, we spend THOUSANDS of hours researching and testing our healers to make sure we’re giving you access to the best in the world.

The 4 Master Healers inside Bliss Up have a PROVEN track record of facilitating incredible shifts in their clients’ lives.

You can also get to know them a bit before you join by reading the “Meet Your Bliss Up Healers” section on this page.

What if I don’t like it inside of Bliss Up?

It’s really simple. You’ll just cancel your membership at any time. Without hassle.

Just email us at to let us know at least 3 days before your next billing cycle, and you’ll never be charged again.

My Final Parting Words to You…
This Is Your Life!

There is a realm and an energy source beyond time and space.

When you access this energy, you could heal an injury that would normally take 6 months in 6 minutes.

That’s what it means to be beyond time and space.

But here’s what it doesn’t mean.

It doesn’t mean that you live forever.

You still have a certain number of years here on this earth with us.

And I don’t want you to spend it suffering through pain, challenges, blocks, and heartbreak that have the potential to be healed.


Please don’t waste it.

Please don’t spend another day suffering unnecessarily.

And if you already live a good life.

One where you don’t experience daily pain.

But there are DREAMS that you fantasize of experiencing.

What are you waiting for?

Bucket list experiences aren’t for your final days.

They’re for RIGHT NOW.

Because none of us knows how long we have in this body. On this planet. With these people. Living in this realm.

Inside Bliss Up, we’re going to use sourced energy to help you enjoy the absolute MOST out of your beautiful life.

And right now you can get in, enjoying the most AFFORDABLE rate you will ever see for the life of this program.

You just gotta get inside today. Can’t wait to see you there!

Eram Saeed

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… for daily Master Level energy healing that will improve your  mood, physical health, mental clarity, relationships, wealth, sleep, and so much more!

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