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July 1 & 2 

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Lisa McNett
Discover The Healer Within 

Discover the Healer Within 

Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Lisa's Program

I was able to let go of some old injuries that had been bothering me for years

“Lisa is amazing. I have practiced and studied many different types of breathwork, and I knew after my first session with Lisa that I was in the right place. Through a series of breathwork sessions with her I was able to let go of some old injuries that had been bothering me for years and get energy back that was drained from many stressors. She is very intuitive and listened to my body to provide exactly what was needed. The space she creates facilitates deep release of stuck emotions, pain, and tension that will have you feeling lighter and better every time you see her. She is a gifted healer and will be able to support you in whatever you are looking for.” 

Steve Pratscher Ph.D.

The empowerment I felt and continue to feel is still bringing growth and change to my life today

“When I reflect on how One Breath Institute has changed my life, its hard to even remember who I was in the beginning.  The healing and insights that I experienced in The Personal Journey can hardly be put into words.  The empowerment I felt and continue to feel is still bringing growth and change to my life today.  I felt “called” to breathwork and I had never even experienced it!  Introspective Breathwork has changed who I am as a person (for the better) and my training at OBI with Lisa & Debbie has enabled me to have a profession that doesn’t feel like work.  I wake up feeling grateful that I GET to do this!  If you’re feeling the call or the nudge to become a Breathwork Facilitator, do it!” 

Renee Kreienbrink

It is a true safe space that empowers each individual

I am certified as a trauma informed Breathwork Facilitator from One Breath Institute, and now I am continuing the practitioner training with them. This school is much more than teaching how to facilitate breathwork sessions. It is a true safe space that empowers each individual by hearing, listening and seeing everyone's unique value. The classes are full of information. They are very well planned and explained in the online platform which makes it easy to follow through. Lisa and Debbie are truly committed to provide a top quality training and connection with integrity to their students. I have seen invaluable support through my Personal Journey.I would highly recommend One Breath Institute and Introspective Breathwork if you are searching for a training in breathwork.

Aysu Sinman

Dipal Shah
Hara Healing to Health and Purpose

Hara Healing to Health and Purpose

90% Off
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Here's What Others Say About Dipal's Program

Profound Self Awareness and Reconnected to My Gifts

“I embarked on this journey with the simple intention of reconnecting with myself and rediscovering my abilities but little did I know the profound impact it would have on my life. Prior to experiencing Hara work.  I had always been focused on external energy and supporting others, never truly delving into my own inner world. However, through Hara work, I finally found the missing piece—I was able to authentically connect with myself and explore my own emotions, my superpowers, and so much more.

It was a revelation to me as I had never truly experienced this level of connection before. 

It has been a transformative experience that has enriched my life in ways I never imagined.

I highly recommend Dipal’s Hara work. It has the power to unlock a whole new dimension of self-discovery, where you can truly feel the energy and experience the incredible shifts within yourself. It has been a game-changer for me, and I am forever grateful for the transformative power of Hara work in my life.” 


Rediscovering Creativity and  Passion

I had always been a talented artist, but over time, I lost touch with my creative spark. I found myself in a monotonous routine, feeling unfulfilled and disconnected from my true purpose. I wanted a change and that is when I found Dipal who was doing a Hara Line Healing.

During our healing session, Dipal worked to realign mhy HaraLine, clearing the energetic blocks that hindered my creative expression. As the energy began to flow freely, I felt a profound shift. Ideas and inspiration flooded my mind, and I started creating art like never before. My paintings became a reflection of my renewed passion and joy.

With the HaraLine realigned, I found the courage to pursue my artistic dreams wholeheartedly. Over 6 months I started connecting with other artists, and even began teaching workshops to inspire others. HaraLine Healing rekindled my creative flame and I am so grateful for Dipal for helping me through the tough times.” 


Overcame years of Limiting Beliefs to Clear Struggle

“I had always struggled with self-doubt and limiting beliefs that held me back from achieving my goals, relationships and self love. I found myself stuck in a cycle of fear and insecurity. Desperate for change I knew I had to do something. Thanks to Eram I found Dipal.

Through the healing session with Dipal I experienced a profound release of old wounds and negative patterns that Dipal pointed out and I never knew were there. Once we cleared this the next day I could see that my confidence soared, and I began to see my own potential with newfound clarity.

I pursued opportunities I never had previously considered, starting taking on leadership roles and found the tools that Dipal shared to help me get through tough emotions and thoughts that showed up along the way.  My relationships also improved as I learned to set boundaries and communicate my needs effectively. HaraLine Healing transformed my  life by freeing mefrom self-imposed limitations and empowering meto embrace my true potential. Thanks to Dipal and her Guides for allowing me to be reconnected again to who I am and my purpose.” 


Kari Alajoki
The Silent SuperSpreader In Your Body & How To Clear It

The Silent SuperSpreader In Your Body & How To Clear It

50% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Kari's Program

I lost 10 lbs in 10 days!!!

“I am feeling so much better Kari! For several years I’ve been doing intermittent fasting and have lost weight with this. However, since having Covid in July, I was not able to make myself jump back in. Although my weight was holding steady, I wasn’t losing so I was getting frustrated.

You worked on my digestion and found some stuff from my childhood which was affecting my weight. Once this was cleared, I’m happy to report that I was able to EASILY get back to my fasting. I don’t even think about food now and am not hungry. And best of all, I lost 10 lbs in 10 days!!! That’s the fastest weight loss I’ve ever had I think!!

Thank you Kari!” 


My concentration has improved!

“I have suffered for 3 years with significant brain fog and lack of concentration – the inability to remember names/faces or a short string of numbers. Often it would take 15-20 encounters before being able to remember this information. This has been detrimental to my career in a long term care facility.

After my session with Kari, I noticed a large shift. My session showed 70 days to regeneration but after only 7 days I can already see a difference. I can now remember the names/faces of about half the people I meet in just 2-4 encounters. My concentration has improved as well. Thank you so much, Kari, for giving me back a part of myself.” 

Janelle V

I feel better with more energy and clearer focus!

“I feel better with more energy and clearer focus! I did have stomach pain starting on the 10th & 11th of November. After that time my digestion did feel better.

I have felt extremely exhausted with brain fog. I would fall asleep easily throughout the day and had a lack of focus. Often forgetting what day it was along with being easily distracted with what I was doing. This has been going on for over two years now. With your help Kari, I feel refreshed with new energy, clearer focus and completing tasks. As a bonus, I have noticed I am happier throughout the day! 


Lisa Barnett
Quantum Healing Through Your Akashic Record

Quantum Healing Through Your Akashic Records

50% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Lisa's Program

A unique experience that gave me a unique new insight into myself

"The Akashic Reading was a unique experience that gave me a unique new insight into myself.  I feel lighter, with a sense of freedom around my past relationships and what is still to come with my soul contracts.  Thank you!"

Pattie C.

My heart feels more open and I feel more relaxed

" I feel like a large weight has been lifted off of my chest and am feeling deep happiness and joy in my heart. Have received a few realizations and more clarity regarding my life here. My heart feels more open and I feel more relaxed about life in that no matter what is happening or what I decide to do or not to do everything is fine and will remain just fine."

Hailey - Virginia, USA

Helped me to clear 10,000 years of trauma!

"Hi Lisa!

Wow! What an incredible healing!!!

I feel like I am still deeply processing and receiving So much from the experience!!!

I feel like you helped me to clear 10,000 years of trauma!!!

Thank you from the depths of my heart!! 💓

Love with Grace and Kindness "

Lotus Dawn Goldkuhl

Joshua Bloom
Powerful Quantum Tool For Empaths

Powerful Quantum Tool For Empaths

25% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Joshua's Program

I want people to know Joshua's work really does work

"My dad had a sore back, swollen legs and feet for weeks and they were actually getting worse. So I told him that I had just learnt a healing process from Joshua.

So I took my dad through the process and at first, nothing seemed to have happened but when he got out of bed the next morning he noticed that his swollen feet and legs had gone back down to normal. This was unexpected. When we did the process we weren’t even focusing on his legs at all. His back was also better as well as his feet and legs. Like a miracle. Nothing else worked for my dad until we did Joshua's process. Joshua’s work is simple, very effective, and powerful. I am very grateful."

Cheryl Martin Australia

From Low Self Esteem to Confident and Unstoppable

"I knew that this course was what I needed as I really resonated with the truth of it. I feel so good, so much more confident and so much more of myself. I feel so much less of a facade than ever before in my life. Authenticity here I come! It’s changed my life!"

Janet Thurgood, Idaho

Restoring Focus, Appetite Reduction and Increased Energy

"Yesterday I listened to Joshua's message and followed along with an energy exercise. I enjoyed it so much I practiced it again this morning on my own. I noticed my energy today was through the roof. My clever ideas were on a roll. My appetite was cut in half and when I watched my guilty pleasure tv show instead of my usual relaxing on the couch I found myself exercising on the floor. I am SO blessed that I found Joshua, and what a great teacher ~ over the internet I received full instructions and incredible results. THANK YOU Joshua. Xoxoxo"

Debbie Aquino, California

Grace Geokyin Hom
Light Body Healing

Light Body Healing

70% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Grace's Program

 Estranged Son Called after Clearing Ancestral Line

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the amazing work you did during my one on one session with you. Although we focused on money and it brought me into my family lineage, I got much more out of our session than expected. Money did start flowing but I experienced a much more important Miracle!

My son had been estranged from me and it was heartbreaking. It was in fact the most painful experience I have had. I was reaching out to him from another state, simply trying to engage in some form of communication. He completely ignored me for some time and I was crushed. During our session, this came up as it weighed heavily on my mind and heart. You ever so gently cleaned up our ancestral line and did some other miraculous thing because that same night, HE called me! We had an honest, albeit painful conversation and he really opened up to me. He is an adult and this was the first time I got a true glimpse of his experience of me and of life.

Ever since, we have maintained an open dialogue and a close relationship. It is remarkable! We still have our differences but I feel that both of our hearts have softened. Thank you,Grace! This is a true Miracle. It is priceless!"

Connie Louie, Energy Therapist

I’m healed from pain and flu

"I was sick with flu/cold. My body was in very much pain. The connective tissue & bones were very sore. I even had a hard time moving, sitting & laying down.

After the session with Grace, I’m healed from pain and flu. These 2 new organs – the intersititum and mesentery, Grace  worked on are now healed. I feel freed from my past traumas.  I’ll feel so much better.

I thought I might have to go to doctor. But after session I am healed. Awesome."

Ida McGerrigle of Crofton BC Canada

Cough Disappeared

"In this session I was seeking healing for a bad cough and aches in my body from the coughing. I had stayed home for 3 days as it was uncomfortable to go out with other people's fears of the coronavirus. During the session I could feel a release of energy and often shivered and felt cold.

My cough disappeared! The next day I could go out again and return to my life. The past few days I have coughed a little, more like clearing my throat but the deep rasping cough has not returned. This was more than I could ever have expected.

I just love Grace's healing sessions and have participated in many. She is very generous with her free sessions too and gives so much of herself. I enjoy laughing along with her."

Susan, near Jerusalem

Melinda Lee
Chakra Mastery: Discover The significance of All 12 Chakras

Chakra Mastery: Discover The Significance of All 12 Chakras

83% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Melinda's Program

Melinda has helped me move beyond old health issues and behavior patterns into acceptance and fulfillment in my life

“My work with Melinda has helped me move beyond old health issues and behavior patterns into acceptance and fulfillment in my life. She is a compassionate person who offers her clients and students knowledgeable techniques and is a light with her overall healing.” 

Eric Bassett

These teachings have changed our lives in miraculous ways

“These teachings have changed our lives in miraculous ways, as well as those whose lives we have touched through this work. I have studied various methods of healing and have found this to be the most all-encompassing and complete healing I have ever experienced. Melinda is a beautiful and gifted Healer. Working with her and Chakra Mastery was a positive life-changing experience and one I would recommend to anyone who wants to heal every aspect of their lives.” 

Marcia Thorne

Best energy medicine for my mind and soul

Melinda Lee’s Chakra Mastery Is my favorite product for rebalancing myself and I share it with friends, family and clients. It has been the very best energy medicine for my mind and soul. I am so grateful my migraines are gone and my vitality is back. Thank you from my heart to yours.

Carolyn T.

Tarek Bibi
Manifest Anything Now! 

Manifest Anything Now

90% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Tarek's Program

This program saved me over $150,000

“NEXT DAY the bank calls, apologizing for “the delay” -and giving a precious answer to an important question (even with the ombudsman’s help, they had ignored me for a year).

Today their lawyer wrote that the convention would be ready in a couple of days… pre-approved by all of his clients. Am still waiting for it, but the way it is looking, this program will have saved me around $150,000 USD!!

Here’s the latest miracle:I also found this week two properties for the price of one

Thank you Tarek. I really WAS at the end of my rope.” 

 Claudia Calvo, Costa Rica.

$100,000 in school debt suddenly disappeared

“I was having self destructive tendencies, had major financial obstacles , and was living in fear…

Two days after I had my one on one session with Tarek, I received a call telling me that I had been accepted to special program for graduate school loan repayment. Essentially they told me about an incredible repayment program and enrolled me on the spot.

I had so much fear and denial about repaying my school loans and suddenly they were not an issue suddenly over $100,000 in school debt suddenly disappeared

While I have had a lot of help from many spiritual healers over the past few months (even my immediate financial situation has changed with random reimbursements in the mail), Tareks work speaks directly to my soul. His energy work is consistently potent and powerful. His compassion is inspirational. The last time l listened to one of Tareks healings, I saw the biggest dragon fly of my life flying around me 🙂

If you want your life to shift, then buy his program!” 

Christine, Medical student, USA

Manifesting Removing Debt

“Hi Tarek,  I really enjoyed your Manifest Money Miracles series- A year ago, I was living month to month, and I constantly worried about my debt, even though I had a plan that I was following.   When I started the series, I had a breakthrough at work where I had many many more clients come to me, and I was able to to pay off a lot of debt, and have a plan to handle the rest of it.   I’ve tried many programs for money, and each positively contributed in their own way to my situation, but when I applied Infinity Healing to my finances, powerful inner shifts and powerful  inner results started to happen fast!  I now enjoy addressing my finances, whereas before, I was stressed out wondering where the money was going to come from.  I have a daily feeling of being  taken care of. Thanks Tarek for this wonderful program!

As an update, I have maintained the level of income since my last email, whereas before my income was more erratic and uncertain.  I used to be concerned about where and when the money  was coming from, but now I don’t tend to worry about it. Currently, I am working on removing debt, and I know you’ve been doing infinity healings in the series to address that.” 


Karina Grant
Heal Chronic and Stubborn Illnesses: Master Health Grid

Heal Chronic and Stubborn Illnesses: Master Health Grid

81% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Karina's Program

The MP3’s  have been extremely powerful and I see rapid improvement

“I have loved the MP3s for the knee and the ankle and neck.  my knees , ankle shoulder and upper arm are MUCH better. I have been suffering from a torn meniscus for nearly a year, and this has made more improvement than all of my other treatments. The MP3’s  have been extremely powerful and I see rapid improvement.” 


Feeling much more calm, peaceful, happy and energized! 

“It was magical! 

Thank you Karina for blessed healing!

Feeling light and free from the call today!

Have had wonderful healing from the recordings! Feeling much more calm, peaceful, happy and energized! 

Have been dealing with hip, knee, ankle,  lower back pain and limping from a fall in October.  

All my aches and pains are lessening! My limp is also lessening! Miraculous!” 

Unbelievable!!! I do not have any pain

“Just wanted to let you know that I feel fantastic and so relaxed!  Thank you so much.  My shoulders have been somewhat rounded forward my entire life and now they are right in place!  Unbelievable!!! I do not have any pain (and I am so grateful for that). I bought the package because I have a chronic cough which I think is a nervous reaction.” 

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