Download these Healing Activations Instantly

Mystic Vision:
Third Eye Awakening and DMT Activation

This 15 minute light language activation will expand your third eye and activate the creation of more DMT, "the God molecule."  You will feel a light buzz as your third eye energy is being worked on.

By Grace Hom

Purify and Thrive:
Clearing Devastating Toxins for Clarity and Purpose

A very powerful guided MP3 that is targeted to clear all the devastating toxins which we accumulate in our brains and body throughout our lifetime.  Bringing clarity and purpose for your future journey on earth.

By Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Empowered Alignment:
Activating Your Hara Line for Intention, Purpose, and Flow - MP4

The Hara line is the dimension of intention, purpose and creativity within ourselves. When our hara is aligned, our intentions are stronger.  If you’re feeling indecisive, unsure, or stuck in areas of your life, this video will help you feel your own power, purpose, centredness, clarity, integrity and flow. Things will start to happen easily in your life with little effort.

By Dipal Shah

Radiant Transformation:
Light Language Journey to Release Weight

Light Language Weight Release Download will assist you with:

- Hormonal balance
- Self-Image and Body Image
- Clearer and better skin and hair
- Improved savings and more money
- Better Immunity
- Building a healthier relationship with food.

By Zeenat Lakdawala