Exploring Energy the Ultimate Healer Virtual Symposium

Harness the Power of Energy Healing to Transform Your
Health, Success & Relationships!

This is an opportunity for you to expand your audience reach, increase your revenues, and grow your own community!

Eram Saeed, global telesummit leader, is putting together her 20th virtual event, designed to take a deep dive into healing modalities and offer a tangible energy healing experience for listeners. In the past, Eram’s events have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars that she’s shared with her speakers and affiliates.

This event will not only introduce listeners to powerful healers, coaches and thought leaders like yourself, it will also allow participants to take a journey into what healing and transformation feels like for themselves.

People in the past that have shared this stage include top transformational leaders like, The Healing Codes Dr. Alex Loyd, Quantum Success Christy Whitman and the Gluten Expert Dr. Tom O’Bryan.

This symposium will be aired in June 2023

  • Each session will be a prerecorded, interview style presentation. Hence we need to know at the earliest if you would like to participate in the summit so we can get you started with the process.
  • We are also giving you the opportunity to connect with our audience live at least once throughout the year where listeners can connect with you 1-1 for mini scans, readings, healings and clearings and also an additional promotion to your product or free gift.
  • We have made it really simple for you to participate and you can build your own email list by selling a product AND giving away a free gift.

Great Commissions

We expect to build a list of over 50,000 during this launch. If you're one of our top 10 optin affiliates, we'll provide you with at least as many clicks as you provide to this campaign for your upcoming launch in 2023 or 2024.

For our top three optin affiliates, we'll provide extra reciprocal mailings during the next year.

Support for Your Product Launches

You'll get 50% of all the OTO revenue generated from the Symposium from your list. 

We've been doing summits for 11 years. Our optin rate averages over 60%. Our partners typically earn in excess of $4.80 per optin and we expect that to be even higher for this special event.

Cash Prizes

We want you to be really excited about supporting this powerful Symposium so every one of our top 10 affiliates for sales will earn exciting cash prize, in addition to your affiliate commissions (Conditions apply)

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