Symposium Live Schedule

June 26 to 30 from 8:00 Am Pacific Time

Welcome to the Live streaming page. 3 Video sessions will be released each day on this page and only available for 24 hours. Please review the schedule below. 

June 26th 
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Brandy Gillmore, PHD

Topic: Mind-Body-Emotional Energetic Healing™

Brent Phillips

Topic: The End of Suffering

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Topic: Master Your Energy: Master Your Life

Brandy Gillmore
Mind-Body-Emotional Energetic Healing™

From Illness To Wellness
Course + Bonuses

60% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Brandy's Program

I tried to express the intensity of this moment but words fail me.

“Listening to the power activator today, I had a huge release of energy! I can’t even describe it!!! Like time was folding on top of itself! I have so much excitement. Someday, I want to be like you. I can’t even express how grateful I am you came into my life. Your program is amazing and you just get it!! I tried to express the intensity of this moment but words fail me. It was just amazing, a moment I’ll never ever forget.” 

Andrea J

I was supine for 6 years. I got my life back.

''...Where I was this time last year was so different. I was so sick. I had been supine for 6 years. I was in crazy pains and I had so many different allergies and things... But, I got my ENTIRE life back, all of it... I am walking and running and playing and travelling all over the country, doing fun things with my kids and being a mom...''


My shoulder has completely healed

''I was going to have surgery on my shoulder for a torn rotator cuff and a tear on my labrum. I had these tears for some time but the pain had become unbearable and the doctors said surgery was the only option. My pain level was a 10 and my left arm was basically useless. She talked to me about the power to heal with our thoughts. I believe in positive thinking but was very skeptical... Brandy suggested I try using the power of my thoughts to relieve the pain... Since implementing the process (which she taught me in a very short time) my shoulder has completely healed. I have been literally pain free and have full use of my arm. If on the occasion, I ever get pain somewhere else in my body I am able to work through a thought process and alleviate the pain by myself. It is truly amazing, empowering and life changing! 

Theresa. S 

Brent Phillips
The End of Suffering

End Of Suffering Program

60% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Brent's Program

FILLED with golden nuggets!

"I must say, “End of Suffering” is FILLED with golden nuggets! There is a lot of great information in there! ... Brent was able to take difficult, abstract concepts and explain them in such a way that makes it much more easier to understand. ...You will get a lot of “Aha” moments with this program, and you will get more each time you listen to it!" 


Uses trillions of specialized cells in the body to put life’s “unfairness” into a new perspective!

"I just finished Brent Michael Phillips’ End of Suffering program and once again he’s hit it out of the ballpark!... In the End of Suffering he uses trillions of specialized cells in the body to put life’s “unfairness” into a new perspective!

I’ve been interested in metaphysical and spiritual teachings for decades. What was once only found in cryptic, arcane books at speciality bookstores has exploded into a vast ocean of books, channelers, videos, seminars programs, etc., that can be overwhelming to navigate.

Brent has combed through the teachings, has taken the best metaphysical and spiritual concepts, and packaged them in formats that are easy-to-understand and actionable! I am grateful to have found Brent and his material in my journey toward enlightenment!"


Virginia Rounds Griffiths
Master Your Energy: Master Your Life

Master Your Energy: Master Your Life

90% Off
Exclusively for Symposium Members!

Here's What Others Say About Virginia's Program

Releasing incidents from this life and past lives from my chakras has been freeing

''Hi Virginia,

I am appreciative to you and your Heart Team for the time and love that have led to improvements for me.  Releasing incidents from this life and past lives from my chakras has been freeing.  Each day I can feel the freedom particularly in my heart chakra where I had carried multiple lifetimes of conflict with my current brother.  I felt this life is one where we were committed to having a better relationship.   Releasing emotions that were blockages in my heart chakra facilitates my and my brothers ability to have a good experience in this life.

Elizabeth G…

I feel grounded and connected up...

''Hi Virginia,

Thank you for the instructive step by step directions on today’s call. I feel grounded and connected up and loved feeling the Great White Brother/Sisterhood come through! The ho’oponopono practice and Vegas nerve calming are beginning to feel more effective Many Blessings!


 like I'm my younger more youthful self!!!

''Hello Virginia,

I want to let you know that after today's session I literally feel like I'm my younger more youthful self!!!  My body hasn't felt this good in years!!!  I wish you lived closer as I would love to cook you a special meal or even bring you some beautiful flowers as a way of saying thank you.   "Thank You"  hardly seems like enough to say to relay my level of gratitude!!!  I'm so blessed to have found you and I have Eram to thank for that.  What you do is such a phenomenal gift.....I wish I had your talents. You're making such a huge difference in so many peoples lives...I truly thank the universe for you!    God Bless and have a fantastic day!Peace and Blessings


June 27th,  Starting 8:00 AM Pacific Time

Dr. Margaret Paul

Topic: Energy Healing and Inner Bonding

Derek Rydall

Topic: Activating Your Destiny

Zeenat Lakdawalla

Topic: Emotional Weight Release for a Healthier You

June 28th,  Starting 8:00 AM Pacific Time

Lisa Barnett

Topic: Quantum Healing through Your Akashic Record

Joshua Bloom

Topic: Powerful Quantum Tools for Empaths

Grace Geokyin Hom

Topic: Light Body Healing

June 29th,  Starting 8:00 AM Pacific Time

Melinda Lee

Topic: Chakra Mastery: 
Discover the Significance of All 12 Chakras

Tarek Bibi

Topic: Manifest Anything now! 

Karina Grant

Topic: Heal Chronic and Stubborn Illnesses: Master Health Grid

June 30th,  Starting 8:00 AM Pacific Time

Lisa McNett

Topic: Discover the Healer Within 

Dipal Shah

Topic: Hara Healing to Health and Purpose

Kari Alajoki

Topic: The Silent SuperSpreader In Your Body & How To Clear It

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