Harness the Power of Energy Healing to Transform 
Your Health, Success & Relationships!

Free Virtual Symposium From June 26th to 30th, 2023

Join Now and Get these Powerful Healing Activations Instantly!

Mystic Vision: Third Eye Awakening and DMT Activation

Purify and Thrive: Clearing Devastating Toxins for Clarity and Purpose

Empowered Alignment: Activating Your Hara Line for Intention, Purpose, and Flow

Radiant Transformation: Light Language Journey to Release Weight

During this FREE virtual symposium, you'll hear from some of the world's most powerful healers as they share energy healing experiences, techniques, and solutions you need to unlock your body's natural healing abilities and achieve your full potential.

Customers served! 100 + ATTENDEES
Customers served! 100 SPEAKERS
Customers served! 100 + HEALING SESSIONS

Who Attends Energy the Ultimate Healer
Virtual Symposium

ANYONE that either believes in energy healing and wants to go deeper or is brand new to energy healing and wants to put their toe in the water…

This isn't just another virtual event - this is an immersive experience offering the perfect opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, expand your knowledge about energy work, and learn how to tap into your own personal healing on a MUCH DEEPER LEVEL…

What You’ll Learn

During this 5-day event you will learn how to use energy healing to boost your immune system, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve your overall well being. You'll also gain insights into how energy healing can help you transform your relationships, communication, and professional success.

You'll participate in powerful healing sessions, connect with master level healers and gain exclusive access to resources and tools to help you continue your healing journey long after the symposium is over.

Who You’ll Learn From

Throughout the symposium, you will learn from some of the world's most respected energy healers. They'll show you how to harness the power of energy healing to improve your health, relationships, success and more!

Energy healing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to resolve ANY issue you are facing. Whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual, there is nothing that compares to the power of energy work. It can truly transform your life!

Our Master Level Healers are ready to support you in a BIG WAY!

Featured Speakers

Brandy Gillmore, PHD

The #1 Rapid Results Healing Expert.

Brent Phillips

An award-winning author, an Amazon.com #1 best-selling co- author, and the inventor of the  Formula for Miracles® audio technology

Lisa McNett

Founder of One Breath Institute and co-developer of Introspective BreathworkTM.

Melinda Lee

Certified Medical Intuitive Master Healer, with extensive experience in working with “Spirit” in over 30,000 healings and in 40 countries.

Joshua Bloom

Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Transformation, #1 Best Selling Author, the executive producer of “The Ultimate Answer is inside...™” movie

Dr. Margaret Paul

Bestselling author, relationship expert,
and co-creator of the powerful Inner
Bonding® self-healing process.

Lisa Barnett

Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom and is an internationally recognized teacher and author of three books on the Akashic Records.

Derek Rydall

#1 bestselling author of EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change, which reveals the revolutionary principle, the Law of Emergence.

Grace Hom

Grace's work is a cosmic stream of intuition flowing into a confluence of science and spirituality, igniting breakthroughs and sparking hope.

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Spiritualist Coach & Teacher, Energy Alchemist, Medical Intuitive, qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & EFT Practitioner

Tarek Bibi

Helping warriors of love Fulfill their ultimate passion and purpose in record time

Karina Grant

Quantum Frequency Specialist
Karina specialises in applying powerful, high-frequency energies using vibration frequencies to clear out deep and chronic illnesses.

Dipal Shah

Medical Intuitive and Mindset Expert and Award Winning International Bestselling Author

Zeenat Lakdawala

Spiritual artist and energy healer and creator of the World's First Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids

Kari Alajoki

Certified intuitive-emotional healer, using the science of the mind, body connection and regenerative quantum healing

With Series Host

Gretchen Pritts

Host of Energy the Ultimate Healer Symposium

Plus You Get these Healing Activations Instantly

Mystic Vision:
Third Eye Awakening and DMT Activation

This 15 minute light language activation will expand your third eye and activate the creation of more DMT, "the God molecule."  You will feel a light buzz as your third eye energy is being worked on.

By Grace Hom

Purify and Thrive:
Clearing Devastating Toxins for Clarity and Purpose

A very powerful guided MP3 that is targeted to clear all the devastating toxins which we accumulate in our brains and body throughout our lifetime.  Bringing clarity and purpose for your future journey on earth.

By Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Empowered Alignment:
Activating Your Hara Line for Intention, Purpose, and Flow - MP4

The Hara line is the dimension of intention, purpose and creativity within ourselves. When our hara is aligned, our intentions are stronger.  If you’re feeling indecisive, unsure, or stuck in areas of your life, this video will help you feel your own power, purpose, centredness, clarity, integrity and flow. Things will start to happen easily in your life with little effort.

By Dipal Shah

Radiant Transformation:
Light Language Journey to Release Weight

Light Language Weight Release Download will assist you with:

- Hormonal balance
- Self-Image and Body Image
- Clearer and better skin and hair
- Improved savings and more money
- Better Immunity
- Building a healthier relationship with food.

By Zeenat Lakdawala

Here's What Our Speakers will Present on this Summit
Plus, EVERY Presentation Comes with a FREE Bonus!

If you're ready to open up a whole new world of healing, join us for the Exploring Energy the Ultimate Healer Virtual Symposium. 

It's time to tap into the power of energy and unlock your full potential!

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