15 Master-Level Live Group Healing Sessions to Strengthen and Heal Your 2023

"First time in 7 years my practitioner said I was getting better"

I have had some pain from lymph drainage of a very overburdened system but well worth it! Yesterday I saw my nurse practitioner/lightworker/herbalist and for the first time in 7 years she said I was getting better!

"The cysts on my liver were gone. Amazing!!"

After years of suffering and huge doses of painkillers, I was now pain free at last, what a miracle!!! I also had cysts on my liver. The cysts were diagnosed with an MRI of my liver. After two healing sessions with Virginia the cysts on my liver were gone. Amazing!!
F.H Cork

"I am off my antidepressants after 20 year!"

I am off my antidepressants (which has been a 20 year battle) and I am feeling better everyday. I am looking forward to creating a bright life and I did not think that was possible. I would say if your soul led you to Dawn, its time to get healed.

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15 Master-Level Live Group Healing Sessions to Strengthen and Heal Your 2023!

But, you need to act fast, because this is only available for 50 people!

Here are real stories from people who have worked with some of these THRIVE! healers....

No short of a Miracle, cleared underactive thyroid in just 2 days.

I write this testimonial with great joy. My daughter was recently diagnosed with under active Thyroid, the doctors asked for some more detailed tests to be done. The very same day i spoke with Virginia and expressed my concerns, Virginia was extremely kind and did a remote healing on my daughter immediately. The next day i got the recommended tests done for her and today i got the results back and amazingly its showing no sign of under active thyroid. This is no short of a miracle, just in two days of my telling Virginia and her doing the remote session on my daughter, she is cleared. I can’t express enough gratitude, this surely is a miracle.

If you are still apprehensive I’m attaching doctor’s note from before and after.


Good Morning, Your thyroid is looking like it is beginning to be underactive. To properly assess I would recommend a functioning thyroid hormone level.

Thank you

Dr. Cynthia Blair, MD., CCFP


Dr Blair would like me to advise you that the thyroid blood test you had done is normal.

Thank you,


per: Dr. Cynthia Blair, MD., CCFP.

Thank you Virginia for your miraculous healing work. I’m one happy mummy today :)


FHTJ Member

Extreme Reduction of Pain and Swelling

I had inflamed, painful gum around back tooth on lower left jaw and inflamed gum in upper back teeth/left side of jaw. During the session, I felt an extreme reduction of pain and swelling. The severity of issues went from a 10-4. There’s been a continued reduction in pain and inflamation and I am feeling lifted, joyful and more connected.  

Grace has a unique and joyful approach to healing. Her work goes deep into the underlying causes of energetic imbalances or dis-ease. She is extremely versatile and continues to add varying techniques to her sessions such as gazing and light language. Grace's work is nothing short of awesome!


FHTJ Member from Dublin, Ireland

My aches and pains have subsided with Dawn’s remote healing work!

I have invested in both the 21 and 30 daily remote healing with Dawn Crystal and have received great benefits both times.

My aches and pains have subsided and my energy feels lighter. I am more flexible. And an issue that I have had with my left knee for decades has improved so much that I now exercise with very little, if any, pain.

I am so grateful for how much better I feel and wish Dawn Crystal offered her remote healing more frequently, particularly in the winter months. Letting Spirit heal us is a far better alternative than taking lots of medication. Peace and good health.


FHTJ Member

This groundbreaking series unites an elite collective of globally recognized healers for an extraordinary, live intimate group healing journey you simply can't find anywhere else.

What sets this program apart is the way each session is structured. 

Every meeting includes a live healing session with a group process coupled with the opportunity for 1-on-1 healing. This allows you to interact directly, consult personally, and deeply connect with each world-class healer.

Experience Live Healing.

Ask Your Questions.
Gain Personal Insights! 

By limiting the number of participants to just 50, we've ensured you a heightened chance of engaging directly with one of these master healers.

For the rest of the year, allow yourself to dive deep into these transformative sessions, curated and hosted by leading experts in the healing realm:

Featured Speakers

Brandy Gillmore, PHD

The #1 Rapid Results Healing Expert.

Brent Phillips

An award-winning author, an #1 best-selling co- author, and the inventor of the  Formula for Miracles® audio technology

Lisa McNett

Founder of One Breath Institute and co-developer of Introspective BreathworkTM.

Melinda Lee

Certified Medical Intuitive Master Healer, with extensive experience in working with “Spirit” in over 30,000 healings and in 40 countries.

Joshua Bloom

Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Transformation, #1 Best Selling Author, the executive producer of “The Ultimate Answer is inside...™” movie

Dr. Margaret Paul

Bestselling author, relationship expert,
and co-creator of the powerful Inner
Bonding® self-healing process.

Lisa Barnett

Founder of Akashic Knowing School of Wisdom and is an internationally recognized teacher and author of three books on the Akashic Records.

Derek Rydall

#1 bestselling author of EMERGENCE: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change, which reveals the revolutionary principle, the Law of Emergence.

Grace Hom

Grace's work is a cosmic stream of intuition flowing into a confluence of science and spirituality, igniting breakthroughs and sparking hope.

Virginia Rounds Griffiths

Spiritualist Coach & Teacher, Energy Alchemist, Medical Intuitive, qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & EFT Practitioner

Tarek Bibi

Helping warriors of love Fulfill their ultimate passion and purpose in record time

Karina Grant

Quantum-Touch energy healing practitioner & instructor, Permissioning & Transformation instructor, mindfulness, corporate wellness teacher.

Dipal Shah

Medical Intuitive and Mindset Expert and Award Winning International Bestselling Author

Zeenat Lakdawalla

Spiritual artist and energy healer and creator of the World's First Light Language Sacred Geometry Crystal Grids

Kari Alajoki

Certified intuitive-emotional healer, using the science of the mind, body connection and regenerative quantum healing

Each master healer aims to...

Guide you towards heightened well-being and resilience, equipping you with the tools to sail through the remainder of 2023 with dignity, grace, and unwavering strength.

Here are some more success stories ...

I lost 20 lbs, going from a size 10 to a 4!

When I first met with Brandy about one year ago, I was pretty healthy, but wanted to optimize, and wanted Brandy to do mostly energy work for me around emotional issues.  Brandy not only zeroed in on emotional activity going on in me.  Today, thanks to Brandy, I am amazingly much happier, more confident, and outgoing.  At 73 years of age, I have energy and physical endurance to spare, AND…I lost 20 pounds, going from a size 10 to a size 4 without even intending that to happen.   Life has new potential and meaning for me, and I’m not stopping here!

Joanne Davis


Employment placement office called out of the blue telling me they have an ideal job for me!

Yesterday afternoon, I received a voicemail message from an employment placement office, which I haven’t heard from in 8 months or so, telling me they may have the ideal job for me. I returned the call and talked with him and I have a interview on Monday morning with them before they set the interview with the specific employer. Talk about fast!


FHTJ Member

I can sit down and get up and walk normally!

Dipal, I am grateful to announce that the removal of the band in my pelvis, along with the other work performed in the pelvis, has greatly, significantly improved my left hips' function!! I can sit down and get up and walk normally. Of course, I walk as well as I can without the cushioning but the hip and my ability to walk is extremely better!

Betty Carpenter

FHTJ Member

Let 2023 Be Your Year To Thrive!

Embark on this transformative journey with us, and emerge revitalized, realigned, and ready to face any challenge life throws at you.

To keep these sessions as personal as possible, places for "Thrive! 15 Master-Level Live Group Healing Sessions to Strengthen and Heal Your 2023" are strictly limited to 50 people only!

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